Dec 20, 2009

"Your Body is Not Your Friend" by L.A.P.D.ants

Here is the song I wrote for the "One Minute Singles" compilation, Ball of Wax 18. The vocalist I originally wanted refused to sing after hearing the lyrics. Fortunately, Snowman Plan violinist Jonah Byrne was around, who accompanied me on vocals and also masterminded the "cat party" breakdown at the end of the song. Enjoy.
   Your body is not your friend  by  L.A.P.D.ants

P.S. Here's a note from the cd release show as reviewed by Seattle Show Gal: "A few bands do deserve mention for more than their lineup. L.A.P.D.ants were a frantic act, and the end of their song “Your Body” devolves into a cat party with each member of the band taking turn meowing."

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